(10.05.2020) XchangeWiser – Book Value and Market Value

Book value and market value of a stock is started to be provided in version 4.0, besides the book value to market value ratio is also available on the simple mode. Updates:
Simple Mode:
– Book Value to Market Value Ratio : how valuable is this stock?
Advanced Mode:
– Book Value
– Market Value
– Book Value to Market Value Ratio : Similar to simple mode

(08.05.2020) XcangeWiser New Version 4.1

In this sub version we have plenty of new features:

  • Gauge Graphics showing the distribution of your investments. An investment can be one of 6 groups:
    • Crypto-Currencies: like BTC
    • Stock Quotes: like Apple, Microsoft, Turkcell, etc.
    • Commodities: like gold, silver, petrolium, wheat, etc.
    • indices: like DowJones, SnP, Nasdaq, BIST, etc.
    • Funds
    • Currencies: like USD-Eur, JPY-USD etc.
  • We are presenting separate Donut Graphics for current and historical investments
  • We have a new advanced mode for each of the investment, the book value and market values
  • You can monitor the book value to market value ratio, so you can understand the value of your investment
  • Buy and sell suggestions are highlighted
  • Stripe payment is integrated with 48 hours free

(30.04.2020) XcangeWiser New Version 4.0

Version 4.0 includes below features:

  • Real time data tracking
  • Real time profit and loss calculation
  • Portfolio management and specific profit and loss calculation
  • Keeping track of your operations buy / sell
  • Automatic Selection of best AI algorithm for each of the investment line
  • Risk scoring and calculation for each investment line